Professor Amos was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — a blue collar town with honest, hard working people of a multitude of nationalities. As a young man, he watched, learned, and listened to those around him and quickly realized he could create his own opportunities. Whether running a shoe shine stand, or selling newspapers, or delivering fresh, hot donuts decades before Door Dash or Uber Eats, Professor Amos was blazing a path towards success.

With his young family, he traveled the country selling and perfecting the product we know as Shock It Clean. From Court Day Festivals in Kentucky, home and garden shows in every major city in the country, his joy, hard work and courage put Professor Amos in your house!

He is a pioneer in the direct response industry with the very first cleaning product infomercial ever! Confident that the best was yet to come, he revolutionized live shopping television. The product became a brand, new, quality products were introduced and, today, the brand spans the globe and has made Professor Amos a household name.

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Professor AMOS Gives Back In West Virginia

AMOS Gives Back In West Virginia

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